Note that the most recent update for my CV occurred on: November 02, 2019.
Below you will find a brief outline of some of the information contained in my CV.



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Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State Harrisburg

I am currently an Assistant Teaching Professor at Penn State Harrisburg. I teach four courses per semester. For Fall 2019, I am teaching:

  • Introduction to General Psychology (PSYCH 100)

  • Introduction to Personality Psychology (PSYCH 238)

  • Basic Research Methods in Psychology (PSYCH 301)

More information about these courses will be available soon.


  • Heisick, L.L., & Papesh, M.H. (in preparation). Parts versus whole: How does processing bias influence face-matching?

  • Heisick, L.L., Guevara-Pinto, J.D., Papesh, M.H. (in preparation). Implicit versus Explicit Social Categorization in Unfamiliar Face Perception.


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  • Papesh, M.H., & Heisick, L.L. (in preparation). Matching faces to photographs is independent of working memory.